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Tutorial EN: Install updates with SimSync

Discussion in 'Update Logs (SimSync)' started by xoa, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. xoa

    xoa Administrator Staff Member

    Daniel Sölva
    In this short tutorial I explain how to install the latest updates for CEMfactor 2.0 using SimSync:

    1) You need to have installed rFactor with CEMfactor 2.0.

    2) Download SimSync, pre-configurated for CEMfactor 2.0, using this link. Download

    3) Extract the archive and copy both files (SimSyncPro.exe & SimSyncPro.ini) to your rFactor main folder (where the rFactor.exe is located).

    4) Open SimSyncPro.exe.

    5) Now choose "CEMfactor 2.0".

    6) Click "Start" to begin the update progress.

    7) Now SimSync asks for a password. Send a PM to xoa to get it.