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How to have the CEMFACTOR 3 Mod

Discussion in 'Press Releases' started by xoa, Feb 4, 2015.

  1. xoa

    xoa Administrator Staff Member

    Daniel Sölva

    Good morning, this tutorial has the purpose to explain to all users in the cemfactor.com portal, how to get the last version of our MOD.

    Why "of the MOD"?

    First of all, we SPECIFICATE that the MOD isn't for sale, it's been created using various 3D models from other mods, customizing them and creating/editing some specific-purpose physics, with the only goal to be used in our championships and/or special events.

    With the subscription of the entry fee, you acquire the right to participate to all the events that will take place on our server, from the "association" moment (paying the fee) to December 31st 2014, alongside with the download of our MOD, of the tracks customized and/or created by ourselves, that will be made available for the users that are ok with the association.

    Nobody, inside and/or outside the CEMFACTOR forum, is authorized to sell, distribute or use the name CEMFACTOR, the MOD itself and the tracks edited by ourselves.

    Summarizing, the only CORRECT way to have the MOD is by PAYING the entry fee to our events.

    Why to pay?

    Believe it or not, nobody in the STAFF gets a cent, we "work" on the MOD and on CEMFACTOR only for pure passion, because we like doing these things, because we "enjoy" with our small/big obsessions and because, excuse us, we're all a bit children and, like every child, we like to enjoy.

    Why to pay? You pay because the licences for the software used on the forum need to be payed, because the forum server and the race server have a price, because we simply need to make things go better!

    How to pay the entry fee:

    Let's step to the proper tutorial:

    1 – Click on your username's menu. From that menu, select and click on "Account Upgrades".


    2 – Simply click the "Purchase" button.


    3 – Now you'll be connected to PayPal and you'll pay. Now you'll be authorized to download.


    If you need to ask something not indicated in this tutorial, and related to the entry fee, feel free to ask anything you need on the forum and/or via pm to the STAFF.

    Eventual questions already answered in this tutorial, will be "democratically" deleted from the forum.
    Thank you for collaborating,

    The Staff

    I answer here to many information requests (obviously answering in private too):
    1 - The associative fee can be payed by other people.
    2 - It's important that the payment is made individually.
    3 - Whoever pays for others, must indicate in the vendor message the sentence "payment for (username of the person for whom you're going to pay)"
    4 - It's obvious, but worth to remember, if you're not in the forum you can't pay the associative fee.
    5 - You must send a copy of the payment receipt to entries@cemfactor.com, otherwise we can't activate the "premium member" option
    6 - If you want to pay another way, you MUST contact via PM (and only via PM) 'xoa' or 'Scaletta'.

    If you have other questions... here you are!