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Comment avoir la mod CEMFACTOR3

Discussion in 'Press Releases' started by xoa, Feb 4, 2015.

  1. xoa

    xoa Administrator Staff Member

    Daniel Sölva
    Hello, this guide is avocation at explaining to all users of portal cemfactor.com, how to get the latest release of our MOD.

    Why "MOD"?

    Before we UNDERLINE the MOD is not for sale, it has-been created using different 3D models --other mods, Creating and Customizing / physical-modifying ad hoc, with the sole purpose of Being used in our championships and / or special events.

    With the subscription of the contribution, it Acquires the right to Participate in all the events Taking up on our server, from the premium (payment of the license) Until 31 December 2014, Including the download of our MOD custom tracks and / or created by us that Will Be made available to users updated with the contribution.

    No one in and / or out of the forum CEMFACTOR authorized by us to sell, distribute, use the name CEMFACTOR, MOD and Even personalized shopping by us.

    Summarizing and for clarity, the only way to MOD-have is the CORRECT PAYING CEMFACTOR the contribution.

    Why must I pay?

    Believe it or not, nobody wins in the STAFF hundredth, we "work" is MOD and CEMFACTOR only for pure passion Because We like to do things thesis, Because We "have fun" with bears small / large and fasteners Because, us excuse, we're all a little children, like all children, we like to have fun.

    Why we pay? Purchasing software licenses as used in the forum are not free Because servers in the forum and running cost Because Sometimes We just want the best run everything!

    How to pay the fee:

    So we go to the handbook:

    1 - Click the Your Account menu, select and click on "Account Upgrades."


    2 - Click on the "Purchase" button.


    3 - Now you Will Be Connected with PayPal and You Will pay. Immediately partner partner after the payment, you Will Be allowed to download.


    If you have questions about Things That arent Described in this guide, and concernantes the assessment, ask all issues in this forum and / or by private message to the members of STAFF.

    Possible issues already Answered in this guide, be "democratically" erased from the forum.
    Thank you for your cooperation,

    The Staff

    I reply by various requests for information ( of course I also Answered in private ):
    1 - The fee paid by others Can Be.
    2 - It is significant that the payment is made singularly.
    3 - Who will pay for others, it `` shall in the Message Specify the seller the sentence "payment from (username of the person For Whom the payment is made)"
    4 - It is Obvious, aim it's worth remember,
    if it is not hand of the forum can not pay the fee .
    5 - We must send a copy of the receipt of the payment to entries@cemfactor.com , Otherwise we can not activate the "premium member".
    6 - If you want to pay with Reviews Reviews another method, you MUST touch by MP (and only by MP) Xoa gold Scaletta.

    If you-have --other questions ... it's here!
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2015